There are two significant influences in Photay’s music. One is Aphex Twin, whose music Photay (aka Evan Shornstein) first heard when he was only 9 years old. The other is music derivative of Guinea, West Africa, where Shornstein traveled to and learned about polyrhythmic percussion. On paper, these sounds shouldn’t make sense together. But in Shornstein’s music, they do.

“Reconstruct” is the debut single from the 21-year-old musician. The song encompasses these two aforementioned influences, with electronic touches and up-tempo, unique drums. However, it never veers too far into one sound or the other. Instead, it keeps a nice balance between the two, resulting in a vibrant, funk-filled production. “Reconstruct” will appear on Photay’s self-titled album, due out this August. Take a listen to it below.