Ever wonder what it would be like to get high while you’re in space? I imagine it being really euphoric, but with a bit of underlying paranoia. Like, “Oh man, I’m high as fuck right now and I’m in space. I probably shouldn’t be so high.” But then you look out of the space window and you’re like, “Oh man, I’m high as fuck in space right now. Amazing.”

That’s what Tennyson’s “Lay-by” feels like. It’s electronically driven, but it’s got a relaxing, jazzy stride to it. There is also beeping that sounds like an unbuckled seat belt, a laughing human, and possibly a purring cat.

Tennyson is a brother/sister duo from Alberta. They’ve been making music together since they were kids, and now they’re starting to share it. Their┬álast song, “You’re Cute,” was released as part of Ryan Hemsworth’s “Secret Songs” series.