Raury is a star. He has a unique sound that mixes elements of gospel, rap, folk, soul, and indie, and a charisma that belies his youth. After wowing everyone with “God’s Whisper,” and proving that it was no one off with “Sunshine” and “Cigarette Song,” Raury has released Indigo Child, his debut project.

Last week, we went to a small listening party for the project in a New York loft/apartment space, and Raury spoke passionately about how genuine the music is, and how all the songs come from real experiences. So real, in fact, that the interludes between songs are actually arguments between him and his mom that he recorded.

Indigo Child is a powerful and nuanced take on teenage angst and youthful rebellion, and proves that musically Raury has big, bold ideas (Seven minute long songs! Shredding guitar solos!) that he is not afraid to pursue.

The project contains nine songs and the argument interludes, and can be downloaded free from Raury’s website, but only after playing an accompanying game and beating a certain score.

Download Raury’s Indigo Child here

Watch a short documentary on Raury below and read our interview with the rising star here.

UPDATE: You can now stream the project below and download from Audiomack here.