Image via Spooky Black's Facebook

Image via Spooky Black’s Facebook

Alright, we get it. You’re probably still a little bit confused about Spooky Black, right? It all started with his bizarre “Without U” video—which now has over one million views on YouTube—and since then the mystery around Yung Spookz has been slowly unraveling. We don’t know much about the young singer, but what we do know is that he can really sing his ass off and that he knows how to get the attention of people. Since dropping his Black Silk project, however, he’s been fairly quiet, and pretty elusive.

There was no rush to capitalize on the sudden internet fame, and the Leaving EP makes it clear that it was a good move. Dropped with very little warning, the EP features all the ghostly production we’ve come to expect from Spooky, albeit considerably more polished. The EP features appearances from Psymun, SolomonDaGod, and Wiccaphase. The entire EP was mixed Doc McKinney.

It’s also worth noting that the EP features a track called “DJ Khaled is My Father.” Listen to the EP in full below, and download it here.