Image via Lorde on Facebook

Image via Lorde on Facebook

When you were 16, you were probably stressing out over the opposite sex and that zit that just wouldn’t go away. You were studying for your algebra exam and wondering why no one understood you. Being 16 was hard.

Lorde? She was recording some bad ass music with some friends of hers, And They Were Masked, a band self-described as “just two bros [who recorded] from a bedroom in Auckland” under the genre of “future noir.” Two songs from the band’s Characters album have surfaced thanks to Lorde Daily, and it just goes to show that some people, like young Ella, were simply born with mind-boggling talent. Others are still trying to figure that zit out.

Listen to “Piece of Mind” and “Sands of John” below, and check out the rest of the New Zealand’s band’s album over at Bandcamp.

“Piece of Mind”

“Sands of John”

(CoS via Lorde Daily)