Image via Numbers

Redinho’s debut album, out soon on Numbers, is a vibrant, joyous collection of funk-fueled dance music, with Redinho’s own talkbox vocals featuring on many tracks. “Get You Off My Mind,” featuring Brendan Reilly is one of the most pop friendly tracks, almost like Chromeo, but without ever veering into the (knowingly) cheesy territory that the Canadian duo has made their own. Redinho says:

To me the track is a summer jam, there’s a cheeky kinda optimism to it – even though it’s about being obsessed with someone to the point of it fucking with you, it’s about enjoying the intensity of that feeling, and smiling about it to yourself. Like when you’re baking in the full glare of the London sunshine – you make the most of it while you can, cos you know that feeling is rare.”

Brendan is an unsung soul hero of mine, and I gave him this beat years ago. The track sounded a lot different back then, and years went by with it hibernating on my hard drive. Then for whatever reason, I started messing with it, and it turned into this uplifting summer jam. After playing it out for a while, and Brendan and me performing it on Boiler Room a few years ago, people have been asking for it. So I’m happy to say you can finally hear it here.

Redinho’s self-titled debut album is out September 23. Listen to “Get You Off My Mind” plus watch an album sampler visual that contains snippets of all the tracks below.