Remixes are an odd thing in an over-saturated listening ecosystem. Sometimes—as happened with Hippie Sabotage’s remix of Tove Lo’s “Habits”—a wider audience might not know an original song existed until a remix pops up. Other times, and more often than not, remixes add to the almost invisible white noise, infinite variations extending into the deep netherworld of Soundcloud, garnering varying degrees of attention or none at all.

All of these details don’t detract from the merit of a remix that takes its subject to a new, enjoyable place. Gainesville, Florida producer Kodak to Graph puts an impressive new spin on Brooklyn band Salt Cathedral’s recent single “Tease,” injecting a dazzling array of electronic elements over an epic six minute run time that turns the airier source material into something more intricate and textured. It’s the kind of remix that deserves to stand out a bit from the abyss, a true re-imagining rather than a mere coat of paint on an otherwise unchanged canvas. Listen below.