Rustie and Warp Records have shared a video game featuring music from Rustie’s new album, Green Language. Rustie’s music has a very strong video game vibe to it, so this makes a lot of sense. In the game, you’re tasked with finding all of the songs from the album. The lo-fi game is developed by Hunter Loftis, and carries a graphical style similar to that of Minecraft among other video games.

You can play the game here, but don’t expect simplicity in finding each of the songs. It starts basic enough, with numerous gold pillars scattered around that start the tracks, but after a while it begins to get more inventive. Upon finding a jump pad that launches you high into the air, you’ll be treated to “Up Down,” which features D Double E. Similarly, there’s a maze that you can easily lose yourself in, and as you do “Lost” featuring Redinho begins to play.

It’s also worth noting that when you reach “Raptor,” the album’s first single, you begin to fly. The flying only stops when the beat drops, and it’s pretty neat stuff. If you’re feeling a little lazy and would rather stream the album traditionally, you can do so here.