OG Maco’s stock is rising fast. Really fast.

The Atlanta-bred up-and-comer has a certified hit on his hands with “U Guessed It,” a cut that first surfaced on he and Key!’s midsummer Give Em Hell EP and was blessed with the visual treatment two weeks ago. The video has been spreading like wildfire—amassing over 100,000 views at the time this was written—and the intrigue surrounding Maco has been moving at similar speeds.

Beating prospective fans to the punch—the punch being the classic “can he do it again?” question—Maco returned earlier today and dropped a bomb with the Migos-assisted “F*CKEMx3.” If there was any doubt as to whether or not there were more Maco-crafted hits where “U Guessed It” came from, this should end all debates. Produced by fast-rising beatmaker Ducko Mcfli, “F*CKEMx3” is a potent shot of adrenaline fueled by Maco’s frenetic delivery and literal screams of “F*ck ’em f*ck ’em f*ck ’em” that lasts nearly five minutes.

Maco shoulders the load for the opening half of the record, then each of the Migos come through and attack it one-by-one with similar fury while Maco shouts supplementary adlibs in the background. “F*CKEMx3” knocks as hard as any song out right now; we dare you to listen just once.

Stream and download below.