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    Turan has impressed us with each new song and video that he's shared from his new EP Persistence of Memory, and now the whole project is here, it's easy to see that he is an artist of vision.

    Turan is a rapper, producer, singer, and multi instrumentalist, and a wide range of influences reveal themselves with even the most cursory of listens to the EP. At one moment there will be slow, spoken word vocals and delicate piano, the next Turan will be singing, and then suddenly he'll be furiously rapping over pounding production.

    Along with the full stream of the EP, we asked Turan to share five underground UK artists that he loves with us, and his choices reveal someone who not only draws influence from across all styles of music, but who also has great taste.

    Listen to the Persistence of Memory EP below and buy it here. Click through the slides and discover some awesome underground UK talent.