You’d think that most email submissions from artists would be creative. You’d be wrong. Email submissions are typically painfully boring. They are usually like, “Please listen to my new song. I’ve been working really hard and I want people to hear it.”


But this one? It started with @ElliottMoeD tweeting at the legend Jon Tanners and I: “can a young man get an email read anymore?”

Jon Tanners responded: “if you write an email in kanye rhymes then yes a young man can”

Within the hour, we had the following:

I would like to begin our beautiful relationship here, fellow music enthusiasts.
It’s been too long coming.
I look forward to a real conversation.
Much respect.

[Big Brother]

My big brother is T. Double (@TurboTDouble) happens to be Lupe and Yemi AD’s brother, who is Kanye’s brother who is Mike Dean’s friend, Mike Dean my mentor now let the story begin…..

[Black Skinhead]

in the fourth quarter
and we’re zoning
released our best work
and we’re hoping
our favourite blog
could just post it,
Yeezus’ director
where’s the coverage?

baby we’re living for this moment
cause we’ve been scrambling for the longest
but we’re not finished we’re devoted
and you know it
‘Atoms’ shows it

[Murder to Excellence]

No crib…. but made a movie
and still nothing by our crew on the news..
Left Ireland… spoke with Yeezy..
couple less things for us to prove..
every morning… ask the lord..
If Atoms isn’t viewed what we making it for?
So let’s savour this moment but take it to the blogs
Musical excellence
and visual lords

[Power Rmx]

I know
we all ain’t gone be american idols…
so we did the least;
got a camera, shot a viral
we took the power in our own hands
a whole team of scramblers, life long plans
we won’t stop until ‘Atoms’ is seen clear bitch
we’re on our K. West
just let us in this !


We need more guap and less gripes
I’m talking a 100 write ups, just praising lines
we told our director we’re trying to get signed to GOOD
he said come to Prague, to shoot ‘The World’s Our Hood’

[Big Brother]

so if you admire pure artistry
you should review Atoms
video of the year
so I can’t fathom..
that with idols in our eyes
worked with Gods of the game
hearts for creation
but still not on Pigs and Planes
let us on the Plane..
let this be your number one video
Ode to our big brother [Yeezus]

Thank You, Kanye West.

I wouldn’t usually rap this, but I’ve got the facts to back this:


I represent a team of artists led by Turbo T. Double (@TurboTDouble) and write to you from Dublin, Ireland on the premiere week of our greatest work to date.

The release I speak of is a video directed by Yemi AD (Yeezus, Runaway, Lost In The World) for a song titled ‘Atoms (The World Is Out Hood)’ performed by Turbo T. Double.

‘Atoms’ features music performed and supported by M83.

Grammy Award Winning Artist Lupe Fiasco has publicly endorsed the both Turbo and the release on twitter:


And on that note, here’s the song: