Image via Toast

Australia stays killing it, and here’s another awesome new band mixing sounds and styles from around the world with consummate ease. Savoir are a three piece from Perth, and their debut release in coming out November 27, a double A-side single with their debut track “Malala,” premiered below, joined by “Eternal” and two remixes.

“Malala” is a wonderfully funky, groove fueled song that winds along mysteriously for the first 50 seconds before breaking into a fat bassline, while the catchy hook buries itself in your brain almost instantly. Quite apart from being wonderfully inviting and catchy, the song has a purpose and (dare we say it without putting you off?) a message. The “Malala” in the title refers to Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani education activist who, at age 17, just became the youngest person ever to win a Nobel Peace Prize, and if you listen carefully to the lyrics, you’ll pick up on that.

She speaks with words rather than guns.

The double A-side will be released November 27th on Sydney label Plastic World. This is worldly pop music at its very best, so listen to “Malala” below.