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    By Moses Jazz Wiener

    A significant percentage of people reading this will be celebrating Halloween in a few days, and of those, it's fair to assume that most of you will be attending a gathering of people, drinking, in costume.

    And of those, how many of you will reach a point of maximum musical apathy during the night, when "Monster Mash" and "Thriller" are played for the fourth time, but nobody can be bothered to fiddle with the Halloween playlist someone hastily found on YouTube? No, what you need for your Halloween... heck, what you need for life is a collection of the best, newest mixes available online, all in one place, replete with recommendations, descriptions, and more. Surely that sounds better than a techno remix of the Ghostbusters theme song?

    Keep on reading, and enjoy the following ten mixes as part of our bi-weekly feature (previous editions can be found here); including far-out sounds from Gaslamp Killer, tribute mixes dedicated to true innovators in hip-hop and drum & bass respectively, and a reunion that will bring a tear to the eye of anyone who knows about the UK music scene circa 2000. These are the best new mixes streaming right now.