Fryars, the musical project of one Benjamin Garrett, has been working on his new album, POWER, for a long time. Due to various major label machinations and meanderings the album, despite having been basically finished for at least a couple of years, was put in a holding pattern. Finally, the album is being released by Fiction, a subsidiary of Universal, on November 17 (pre-order here), and it’s available to stream in full now, along with an accompanying movie which explains the album’s concept (both are below).

As you’ll know if you’ve been following P&P and have listened to tracks like “Pretty Ones Fly The Highest” or “The Power,” Garrett can write the hell out of a massive pop hook, but pairs that with all sorts of unexpected production—one moment there will be simple, beautiful piano, the next a spare beat from a drum machine, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, a string sections will sweep in. Immediately accessible, but boasting remarkable depth, Fryars’ album is one that you should definitely spend some time with. Check it out below.

Fryars also recently released a free mixtape which he called “a b-side to my album.”