It is difficult to cleanly classify Milo Mills’ work on his new 1 3 1 3 EP. Industrial scrapes, trap snares, disjointed vocal samples, and R&B piano chords all coexist on a spectrum as varied in its inspiration as it is intriguing and surprisingly successful in its execution. Over the course of five instrumentals, Mills balances a tendency for the dark and aggressive (opener “AWAKENING” sets a particularly heavy tone) with moments of unexpected beauty (aptly named closer “CALMDOWN” feels of a piece with the glitchy, cinematic soundscapes of a producer like Prefuse 73).

1 3 1 3 is a brief work—the entire EP is barely 15 minutes long—that feels far more expansive than its runtime, a cohesive journey that manages to explore new territory on each track. Stream it below and order it here.