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    By Moses Jazz Wiener

    Like a buffet of beats and sounds which is replenished every two weeks, we once again return with a carefully selected smörgåsbord of the best mixes available to anyone with an internet connection and an interest in broadening their music library; especially those without the patience to sift through the hours of half-decent efforts.

    With this being a figurative buffet and all, can we suggest you start off with Four Tet's full set from the Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris? Followed by a side of throwback basslines by DJ Q (a northern specialty) and a birthday mix from perhaps Britain's top hip-hop clubnight? Or maybe you'd like a choice of two different back-to-back sets from some of the most exciting producers knocking around? Of course you would.

    Grab a plate and help yourself to the best new mixes streaming right now.