Fresh from the submissions inbox, here’s an 18-year-old rapper from Austell, GA who goes by XAVIERLEE. A lot of rappers still put on acts and craft fake images, but more and more, we’re seeing that brutally honest young rappers—Kevin Abstract, Daye Jack, Pell—are magnetic, whether they’re in line with the norm or not. Add XAVIERLEE to the crop of newcomers who keep it really real. He just dropped his BFMA EP. I still need to spend more time with it, but “DAMN!” is a clear standout on first listen. Check it out below, and get the entire BFMA EP here.


comin from a very dark place.

this EP is just something minor for my debut project peteywood.

this EP is bipolar af i was angry as fuck and happy at the same time

but i make music for kids like me. un noticed and depressed but still wanna beat they bully ass after school. oh yea im 18 and i dont gangbang.