If you’re anything like me, you often wonder what Yeezus would do. During the holidays, does Kanye West listen to his own music or does he actually listen to some classic Christmas tunes? We may never really know but imagine if he could do both by making his own version of Christmas classics. The idea alone sounds amazing. Although the chances of that becoming a reality don’t seem too likely, we now have something to hold us over in the meantime.

Local Business Comedy, a sketch comedy trio, remade Yeezus as a Christmas album cleverly titled Kreezus. The trio rewrote all of the lyrics to each song to fit the holiday theme and rapped the verses over the Yeezus instrumentals. However, the best part about the entire parody album is how spot on their Kanye impressions are. The fact that the voice sounds so close to Kanye himself makes imagining a real Christmas album from Kanye even easier. And makes Kreezus more fun to enjoy.

Listen to the full Kreezus parody album below.