Danny Choi has been crafting tracks as Ghost Loft for a little while now, long enough to start taking chances. He makes dreamy, faraway, smoke-filled tracks reminiscent of Rhye and Sohn, the kind of music that makes perfect sense coming out of Los Angeles, simultaneously blissed out and sultry.

“Talk to Me” is his latest offering. It’s a bit of a departure from “Seconds” and “So High”: the song’s title takes center stage during a huge chorus, the saddest and most danceable moment. “Talk to me,” Choi sings forlornly, asking his nameless audience “do you ever wonder/what it all means?” It sounds like he’s asking from the top of a mountain, drums pulsing like a heartbeat underneath a bed of phasers and delays. It’s a bigger, bolder direction for Ghost Loft as he prepares to release his EP.

The track comes with an accompanying video, directed by Kintsugi. The video chronicles a night in the life of two highway drag racers as they chase each other around the city. It’s a mesmerizing collage of light and speed, whipping around corners towards an inevitable tragedy. Stream the video above or listen to “Talk to Me” below via SoundCloud.