Image via Bones on Facebook

Just three months after dropping SkinnyLos Angeles-based rapper Bones is back with Rotten. His fifth release under his Bones moniker this year, Rotten caps off his biggest and best 12 months yet. Featuring his signature murky and depressive URL-friendly aesthetic, Rotten is full of inventive production and adventurous, punk-like songwriting. Each subsequent track is considerably different from last, carrying a genre-hopping melancholy that rarely lets up its oppressive tone.

With zero features, Bones and the large cast of talented producers he’s enlisted are the proudly the main attraction here. Produced by the likes Greaf, Hnrk, Drip-133, and numerous others, there’s no shortage of beats perfect for Bones’ singular dirge on Rotten. Listen to the mixtape in full below, and download it for free here.