Image via The Weeknd

Image via The Weeknd

The Weeknd has become known for his seductive style of music in the few years that we’ve known him. So hearing that he would be on the soundtrack for the forthcoming provocative movie Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t seem like much of a surprise. However, the fact that the particular track chosen for the soundtrack is not as racy as some of his previous work may be what surprises listeners.

In fact, “Earned It” is quite the romantic R&B track. The Weeknd is praising his special lady and singing about his appreciation for her. The mid-tempo ballad is paired with sweet lyrics that come just in time to be used inside of the cards currently being given out to loved ones.

The movies doesn’t hit theaters until February 13 but you can purchase “Earned It” on iTunes now.

Listen to “Earned It” below.

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