Kweku Collins peaked out from behind the Internet’s infinite curtain towards the end of 2014 as a promising talent, a capable rapper and singer with a style that charmed, adolescent honesty delivered with vibrant sing-song rapping.

New EP Worlds Away sees Collins expanding on the sound and skill that initially caught our attention. Opener “Love” feels like the transmission of a young man with a rare ability to step back from the trials of those around him and understand their gravity. Standout “The Wayside” beautifully transmits modern existentialism, a teenager finding beauty in life—even in the face of tragedy. Above all on Worlds Away, Collins maintains the global sensibility rooted in personal detail (in the specific you find the general, to paraphrase a writing teacher adage) and tendency for inviting melody that made “Lonely Lullabies” a small revelation. A promising next step.