We were first introduced to Swedish singer Tove Styrke last fall, when she shared her fantastic Borderline EP. At the time, she spoke about a forthcoming record stating it’s “gonna be very pop and a little bit weird.” Today, we get an idea of what she meant with “Ego,” her newest single off her first full-length U.S. album, Kiddo. While the track doesn’t deviate far from what we heard on Borderline, it is a touch more accessible. Here, Styrke trades in some of her unique production touches for a more mainstream sound, resulting in one seriously infectious pop song.

Kiddo will be released this spring via RCA, and according to the singer the name is inspired by her favorite movie character, Kill Bill’s Beatrix Kiddo. Says Styrke:

“I like the word “kiddo.” It’s playful, it’s the name of my favorite movie character (Beatrix Kiddo) and I’ve been called it for ever and ever for better and for worse. If I were to describe the album in one sentence I’d say that it’s playful, much inspired by movies (especially Kill Bill) and that the songs are very personal to me.

Sound wise there are electronic textures mixed and matched with a bunch of different things on this album. Like marching band drum rolls (that song is called “Snaren” which is Swenglish for “the snare drum”), pedal steel guitar, rhymes about Britney Spears, quite poorly played tambourine and bass galore.”

Listen to “Ego” below and look for Kiddo this spring. And if you’re in the New York City area tonight, check out Tove live at The WestWay for Neon Gold’s Popshop.