Jaden Smith’s first release of 2015 is here. “This Is The Album” isn’t one—better to call it an EP, three tracks laced together by anxious, enticing beats and Smith’s nonchalant tones. There’s a video, too—”4 My 1″ finds Smith woozy in the twilight, stumbling through a dimming sunset in various states of undress. It’s the most sweeping of the three songs, starting as a love song and ending in a haunted house of darting, rubbery synth plucks.

“4 My 1” is accompanied by the growling opener “Scarface” while “Weekend in Atlantis” closes things out. The latter is an fully-formed nod to Childish Gambino’s influence on the young rapper—Smith incorporates elements of indie rock underneath a showcase of rapid, drumroll flows. Solid production provided by Daniel D’Artiste throughout. Stream “This Is The Album” below.