We don’t know much about Head Of Sales. He (She? It?) would like to keep it that way, if a SoundCloud account description is any indication: “Head Of Sales is an anonymous aural project. Please refrain from trying to find out about it. Just listen to the songs, for once.”

We have a deal, Head Of Sales…for now. It doesn’t hurt that the mystery human teamed with one of our favorite young songwriters, Conner Youngblood, who provided us with a little context. Youngblood said Head Of Sales is “from Lithuania, and this is his first song. He sent me the instrumental via email and I wrote along to it and recorded the vocals in Dallas.”

Somewhere between Dallas and Lithuania, they found a synchronicity. The airy synths lend a ethereal, carnival air to the production, while Youngblood’s falsetto fits perfectly between minimal percussion and the yawning atmosphere. It’s part Dream Koala, part The Weeknd, and fully captivating. Allow “Miss America” will transport you.