Nok from the Future doesn’t just use the internet as a platform to deliver his music, he also happens to embody the description of an “internet artist” without it ever coming across as ham-fisted. The internet is what he knows, and he wants to make sure the internet knows who he is, too. Individuals can connect with certain ideals and concepts, it just so happens that Nok’s concepts stem from a series of tubes and flashing lights. “New England,” however, sounds like it’s indebted to the past as much as it foreshadows the future.

Split into two distinct halves, the track takes a different approach than usual for Nok with its more “natural” ending, whereas the beginning sounds a little something like a blend of 808s & Heartbreak and Yeezus. It’s a refreshingly original sound that still owes something to its disparate influences. The video, which was filmed in mountains of Vermont, echoes the shifting tone of the track from the aggressive start to the grandiose finale. This is a blending of the online world and the physical world in every sense.

Expect to hear more from Nok and his crew, Opus Eternum, later this year. Watch the video for “New England” above.

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