It sucks to admit, but it’s true: there’s not a lot of appealing guitar music in the world right now. So many of the most exciting new artists are experimenting with electronic production and forward-thinking styles. A lot of times, the good old-fashioned style of rock just isn’t as stimulating.

NYC duo Jack + Eliza are young, but they aren’t stuck on the latest trends that so many young artists are pushing. On “Diamonds,” they keep things simple with a focus on harmonized vocals and crunchy electric guitar. The format has been used for decades, but these young musicians know how to write a good song, and they get a little assistance from Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear on production to bring it to life. It’s a gorgeous tune, and when a lot of these other of-the-moment artists sound dated in years to come, songs like “Diamonds” will still make perfect sense. Sometimes simple is better.

Jack + Eliza’s debut album Gentle Warnings comes out on June 9 via Yebo Music.

Tour dates:
3/6 – Savannah, GA – Savannah Stopover Festival
3/18 – SXSW – The Sidebar @ 4:30 PM
3/19 – SXSW – Stephen F’s Bar @9:00 pm
3/20 – SXSW – Whole Foods Rooftop Terrace @ 12:30 pm
5/08 – Toronto, ON – The Garrison
5/15 – United Kingdom – Great Escape Festival