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Have you been feeling nostalgic for some good, old-fashioned rap beef? Not just whatever someone said about Iggy Azalea on Twitter, but actual songs containing actual slander? Well, the grime scene has your back.

Skepta got in on recent thread of beef percolating among some of the U.K.’s best-known grime artists last week with his new track “Nasty.” He calls out Chip and Devilman for “saying his name” over a Wiley instrumental from 2005, tearing the grime scene to shreds in verses that could be summed up with the first line: “You’re not real.” He concludes the rap by saying, “Keep my name out your nasty mouth.”

Trace the beef back courtesy of GRM Daily—though whatever the motivation, it’s one of the hottest verses to come out in a minute.

UPDATE: Devilman has already found occasion to respond, with a track simply titled “Skepta Diss.” Listen below.