Rookie Mag has a monthly series called “Theme Song,” in which they choose a song to represent an idea and enlist new artists to cover that song. For April, the magazine chose St. Vincent’s rock ode to the perils of technology, “Digital Witness.” Even more exciting, they selected SOAK to cover it.

In her version, the 18-year-old singer removes the jumpy synth production and whirlwind of electric guitars, and turns it into a stripped-down, morose lullaby. The transformation impressively manages to maintain the feel of the original song’s message, while still sounding like a brand new song that’s entirely SOAK’s aesthetic.

Says SOAK about the song:

“I’m definitely the first generation that’s grown up with the internet in school, from like, primary, year one. I had a Facebook account when I was, like, 13. I wasn’t that interested until I was, like, 15. Now I use it tons—I kind of have to, because it’s an incredible form of promotion. But I think it’s fun, as well. I’m lucky because I’m with an independent label, so I’m in charge of my social media. If my label people post on it, it’s with my approval. I decide how much of myself I want to give away, and what I want to say as well.”