A lot of writers make it known that they hate Twitter submissions. I get it, but I’ve never felt that way. This isn’t an open invitation to bombard @pigsandplans with submissions every day, but I don’t mind a SoundCloud link every now and then.

This morning, checking the Twitter submissions paid off. I noticed two SoundCloud links, sent within a minute of each other. I listened to both, and I liked both, so here they are.

The first one comes from Connecticut’s The Voyagers. They bring lighthearted, positive vibes filtered through a jazzy, throwback sound.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 12.40.42 PM

The second is almost the complete opposite. Dark and full of self-doubt, Texas rapper Jazz Soul’s “Demons” is boiling with frustration. Maybe not the brightest way to start Sunday, but a little intensity can be rejuvenating.