Kuro BC is a 24-year old South Londoner and “Rooms” is the second track he is sharing with the world under this name. He debuted with “Steppin On Keys,” a heavenly blend of quavering vocals and production that packs and incredible punch (especially towards the end), and he’s back today with “Rooms.”

We hear more of Kuro’s vocals on “Rooms,” in all of their heartfelt glory, and the smoothness and clarity contrasts with the crunchy drums with mesmerizing effect. Kuro says:

I attempt to explore music as a portal to affect, or a passion of the mind. Fundamentally this project is a way for me to share and navigate feelings and experiences that I don’t really understand.

The four track Artifice EP is out May 8 via Color Station. Pre-order here. Listen to “Rooms” and “Steppin On Keys” below.