New York-based, Detroit-raised producer Rioux is a rare beast for those that associate the letters E, D, and M with bright lights, fist pumping, and Molly. Rioux is a heady electronic musician, deeply considerate and invested in concepts and themes. His first LP Here Comes Now explored psychedelia, afro-caribbean music, and jazz fusion through the prism of dance music (and with the help of collaborator, National Geographic explorer, and Trinidadian astrophysicist Stephon Alexander). New EP Evolver and its lead single “Evolver Theme” peel back a bit of the jazz, but leave the careful consideration intact.

Evolver is a record I’ve been wanting to make for a long time. It’s a life cycle in miniature, touching on various states of being in the human experience,” says Rioux. “‘Evolver Theme’ was a special process for me in that I sampled original recordings from various periods of my life. The primary ambient texture is a guitar loop I recorded when I was 16. I thought it would be interesting to recycle myself in this way, piecing together different layers of my life to hone in on my true self.”

“Evolver Theme” is gorgeous and subtle, words not often associated with music that can also make you dance. Get lost in it.

Evolver comes out May 4th via Connect Records. Pre-order it here.