There comes a time in every young artist’s career when it feels like the stars are finally beginning to align and making everything fall right into place. It’s right when their name is starting to create a buzz and they know their time to shine is rapidly approaching. Wasiu’s “Bout 02 Blow” is the result of just that.

The young Montreal rapper has been working steadily to make a name for himself and it looks like he’s on the right track. The production by V X N Y L gives the track a gritty and dark tone. But Wasiu brightens up the track by rhyming with a subtle confidence, as if he’s not revealing all of his tricks at once. It seems like we’ll have to wait for his yet-to-be-titled project—which is expected to be out later this spring—to find out what else Wasiu has in store for us.

Listen to “Bout 02 Blow” below.