At this rate, we’re going to have to have a battle royale of all the remixes/covers of Shura’s “2Shy.” No saying who would come out as the eventual champion, but this Warpaint remix would wipe the floor with the Mumford & Sons cover we heard earlier this week.

The L.A. quartet have added some heavy dance beats and shimmering synths to Shura’s pop hit, fracturing the lead vocals into echoing sliver. It’s a complete reinvention of the song, and Shura seems pleased with the result, telling Line of Best Fit

“Warpaint have been and continue to be one of my favourite bands. Everything they do sounds amazing. I loved the remix they did for Daughter and I kind of just asked them and kept my fingers crossed, not really ever thinking it would happen. So it’s literally a dream come true that they wanted to do it. I’m stoked we’re pressing them to vinyl for these shows, as it’s my favourite way to listen to music.”