Eddie Murphy hasn’t made a movie since 2012’s horrific A Thousand Words. It was the latest in Murphy’s string of kid-safe films, all of which were varying degrees of nauseating and light-years away from Delirious.

But take heart: Eddie’s kids are growing up, and he is—hopefully—leaving the world of PG moviemaking behind for an earlier love, reggae.

Thanks to his legendary James Brown impressions and this Shabba Ranks collaboration back in 1993, we already knew Eddie had pipes.

But he’s delivered something completely different in “Oh Jah Jah,” a sincere and decently arranged reggae track that comes complete with a low-budget, rainbow-colored video. It’s the first music we’ve heard from Eddie since his work with Snoop Lion (below). No, you are not dreaming. This is 2015, and Eddie Murphy is ditching movies for reggae.

via Stereogum