Image via XXL

Image via XXL

We’re hoping you realize that today is a big day in hip-hop (no pun intended), because every rap fan will be celebrating Christopher Wallace a.k.a The Notorious B.I.G.’s birthday.

The Brooklyn legend would have been 43 years old today. Although our memories of Biggie will be forever clouded by his tragic passing, it doesn’t have to be. Many of us have enjoyed his music throughout the years and will continue to do so way beyond today.

There’s nothing like seeing a crowd go up when “Hypnotize” comes on, right? Or automatically doing the Diddy bop when “Mo Money, Mo Problems” drops, regardless of the setting.

As you drink Tanqueray and reminisce about your favorite Biggie memory on this special day, you can do it to a new version of an old classic. Fans know the original “Me and My B*tch” carries a darker tone, so this version might seem a little weird, considering it’s more happy-go-lucky and jazzy. Maybe a little too sunny for the debut album. But it’s a good indicator of where Puff Daddy and company were thinking of taking the track.

Listen to the new version of the classic below and pour out a little liquor for B.I.G.