Alabama-raised, East Coast-based producer Sharp Veins created most of his new Inbox Island EP last summer in New York. “It was my first time living in such a sprawling urban space, and I reacted to this change by making music for far-off, isolated places that offered some sort of respite from persistent sensory overload,” he explains.

All the tracks on the EP describe or represent different fictional locations, “heavily informed by all the fucking time I spend on the Internet searching for places I’d rather be,” and Sharp Veins’ escapism manifests itself in beautifully unclassifiable electronic soundscapes.

Tracks like “Inbox Island” and “The Seeing Palm” might transport you to idyllic, technicolor dream worlds, but “Missing Sun,” premiering below, is a little more sinister. “It is meant to describe a barren volcanic plain removed from the more hospitable features of Inbox Island. It’s a place that’s seen bloodshed. It plays host to hauntings even now,” Sharp Veins tell us, as if those ominous wind sounds and sudden bass hits weren’t enough to have us creeped out already.

The six track Inbox Island EP is out digitally on May 11 via Glacial Sound, one of our favorite labels, now with four flawless releases to their name. Pre-order the digital and 12″ vinyl here.