In the past, Victoria Monét worked behind the scenes penning songs for quite a few notable acts. But recently, the young singer/songwriter has been taking bigger steps into the spotlight, and now it’s her time to shine. With her Nightmares & Lullabies II EP due out on June 16, Monét properly reintroduces herself with her infectious new single “High Luv.”

The Tommy Brown-produced track is the second single from her forthcoming EP. The booming production on “High Luv” is instantly attention grabbing while the melody provided by Monét’s delicate voice feels hypnotically inviting. “We always start off small, with minimal sounds,” Victoria Monét explains of her recording process. “Tommy Brown has all these lasers in the studio so it was really vibed out. And that’s just the idea that came to mind. Once the little reference was done, they want back and re-produced everything and added all these sounds, and drums, and little extra things that made it feel special to me.”

“High Luv” blurs the lines between R&B and pop—making it feel like the perfect song to take over the airwaves this summer. Victoria Monét proves that she clearly knows how to make a hit, so we can only assume she has a lot more in store for us on her Nightmares & Lullabies II EP.

Listen to “High Luv” below.