Just off the strength of “Shoutout” and “No Bells,” it was s a safe bet that Boston rapper Cousin Stizz would drop a solid mixtape, but one listen to the 13-track Suffolk County project makes it clear: there is no filler here. It’s one of those rare projects that you can listen to from front to back, and in an interview with Complex, Stizz offers up an explanation: “The last year of crafting this project has been crazy. We thought that we were done with the project four or five times before this. That’s what I love about my team. We always feel like we can do better. For a while we were just replacing old music with better music.”

Stizz isn’t a singer, but he’s got an ear for a catchy hook—sometimes those hooks are on the choruses, but in many cases the catchiest parts of his songs are in the mesmerizing, barely melodic verses. With “Shoutout” still on the rise and “No Bells” sounding like the next to spread, it will be interesting to see which other cuts from Suffolk County take off.

Download the project here.