Have you heard Lapalux’s beautiful “Closure” yet? It’s one of the best songs released this year, and a large part of its mesmerizing beauty comes from the vocals of Szjerdene (pronounced J’erdeen).

Now, the London born, currently Amsterdam-based artist, has made more magic for us, in the form of “Are You Here,” co-produced Glen Nicholls, aka Atatika. As Szjerdene explains, the song describes a specific fear that many of us can relate to:

It describes that paranoid “post break-up” phase where you’re dreading bumping into a particular individual… but also slightly hoping it will happen. Picturing the scenarios of seeing them from afar and even worse – with someone new. It’s all a vision in which you play out “the approach” in your head whilst battling with denial and regret within this weird limbo state. I hope whoever listens can briefly relate to that snapshot in time.

Szjerdene might be currently best known for her collaborations with artists like Bonobo (who she also toured extensively with), Robin Hannibal, and Lapalux, but 2015 is set to be a big one for her as a solo artist.

I want my solo work to reflect where I am vocally at this point in time,” she told us over email. “I’m really hands on with every part of the creation right down to setting it free so there’s a little more attachment to the project as a whole. Releasing music alone is also a chance to properly thank everyone that follows or subscribes to my journey.”

Listen to “Are You Here” below, and pre-order here. The single is out June 12.