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Image via Daye Jack on Soundcloud

19-year-old Daye Jack is one of the most intriguing young artists to emerge in the last year, combining an unusual perspective (Daye was on track to be a computer science major at NYU when he released his first project Hello World) and prodigious gifts as a rapper and singer.

Hello World, the first mixtape that I put out, is called Hello World because of the program you make when you first start programming,” Daye told P&P last year. “It’s also called Hello World because it is an introduction for Daye Jack. Hello World is sort of a double-entendre. Things like that—my fascination with computers and the idea of electronics push my music towards that at times and allow it to live in that area.”

Soul Glitch pushes Hello World‘s concerns further, refining Daye’s meditations on love and personal salvation, exploring human interconnection and ambition in an age where technology unites and simultaneously fragments. Album standouts “Die Today,” “Save My Soul,” and “Easy” highlight Daye’s gift for intricate, melodic rapping—the sort that demands multiple listens to unravel. He understands when to dial back the complexity (particularly on “Save My Soul,” the album’s cathartic closer) without sacrificing emotional honesty.

Soul Glitch will be available via Warner for free download on, for streaming on Spotify and SoundCloud and for purchase on iTunes today. Buy the deluxe edition here.

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