Image via Windish Agency/Andrew Paynter

Expect the unexpected from Toro y Moi, you should already know that. Just this past week he delivered the intergalactic R&B of “2Late” with Kool A.D. and SAFE, and prior to his most recent album What For?  he was making chunky dance music as Les Sins.

Last night, he uploaded a new track to his Soundcloud, a mesmerizing piece of beatwork that shares more in common with someone like SBTRKT than any R&B or type of rock you might have been expecting. The piece is only one minute 30 seconds long, but it’s impressive nonetheless, and possibly a peek at what sonic territories Chaz Bundick might explore next.

Check out “That Instead of This” below, it was shared with the caption “forgot to send this to mastering… :/.”