Daye Jack’s “Easy” lives up to its name almost immediately: we open to cooing, relaxed harmonies that would sound at home on the beach—or, more precisely, on a Beach Boys album. The warm, breezy track—first released last September as the lead single to his Soul Glitch EP—has just received an equally effects-laden visual treatment.

Daye bikes beneath purple and pink skies, transported into a painted dreamworld while he sings for the 9-to-5 grinders that often lose sight of their hopes and dreams. Aspirations, he claims, evaporate far too easily. The rapper acknowledges this sobering truth by the end of the video. He exits his retro-minded dreamscape, leaving a film studio to enter a cubicle-filled office while wearing a monotonous suit.

Watch Daye Jack’s Peter Collins Campbell-directed video above. Soul Glitch drops June 30 via Warner.