Image via SoundCloud

Image via SoundCloud

Grapevine whisperings end all too many relationships, but the rumor mill turns both ways: hearing about an ex after the split can lead to reconnection, too. On “Wait,” Abhi//Dijon unpacks the torment of gossip and longs for a straightforward conversation.

Their latest release appears to be the lead single for the follow-up to 2014’s excellent self-titled EP. Given recent social media activity, that forthcoming project may be titled Stay Up.

Dijon Duenas, one half of the Maryland-based singer-producer duo, professes his long-brewing emotion and the newfound inability to exercise patience, which the smooth, piano-accented production befits. Here, he comes to understand the need to make his move.

Listen to “Wait” below, and watch for more music as the summer’s second half slowly winds down.

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