Usually when artists have a rough battle with their former record labels, fans rarely ever get the chance to hear the music that they ultimately were forced to scrap. But after a lot of down time brought on by his terrible tour bus accident, George Lewis Jr. aka Twin Shadow decided some of his unreleased and unfinished songs from the past few years deserved to be heard.

In a discussion with Noisey, Lewis Jr. explained that the he was reintroduced to his own demos, in a way, after returning home to heal from the accident. “While spending time healing and resting in my apartment in LA I started to sift through old hard drives,” said Lewis Jr. “I found all these ideas I had nearly forgotten, most of them more realized than I remembered.”

Night Rally is “a glimpse into five years of late nights, mornings after no sleep, the bad decisions, the good ones, the sobering solitude, the mistakes, the ideas lost, and the singing out of key,” according to Lewis Jr. The nostalgic, personal listening session lead him to the decision to make a collection of some of the songs “that stuck out.” The mixtape features demos from 2010 to 2014.

Download Night Rally here.