When Drake hosted his Beats1 show on Friday, he had a lot of people curious as to what he’d say. The Meek Mill situation had everyone talking by this point, but Drake had yet to answer Meek’s allegations. When he responded with “Charged Up,” it’s safe to say that it wasn’t the all-out assault many were expecting. This latest, full-on response, though? Well let’s just say Meek isn’t going to have an easy time topping this one, because Drake really isn’t messing around this time.

Taking to SoundCloud in the middle of the night, Drake uploaded the “Back To Back” freestyle, taking quite a few shots at Meek and offering a handful of quotables along the way. Meek has yet to respond in anything but a tweet, so shout out this line in particular: “Trigger fingers turned to Twitter fingers.” Stream the track below.

UPDATE: It looks like Drake really did send Charlemagne bottles, like he said on “Back to Back.” Check the video below the song, and watch to the end for the amazing note.

"You going to make me buy bottles for Charlamagne" Drake living his raps.

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