Sometimes it can be easy to guess where an artist is from just based on their sound. It’s well known that many regions have their own specific style. But in this internet era, artists now have the ability to be inspired by more than just their surroundings—which usually results in music with an ambiguous sound. That seems to be the case for 20-year-old rapper Jay2AintShit.

The young Chicago native is part of a collective called Zero Fatigue, alongside Smino (formerly Chris Smith Jr.) and Monte Booker—a frequent collaborator of Appleby. Booker provides a beat for Jay’s latest single “Pay Per View,” and the production takes as many twists and turns as Jay’s own flow does. Young artists usually sound like they’re still in the process of finding their lane but Jay2AintShit sounds like he’s already figured himself out.

Even if “Pay Per View” is the first introduction to him for some listeners, it’s impossible to deny his potential. The subtle bounce within the rhythm figuratively dances around his every word as his melodic flow takes centerstage. The additional vocals by Anthony White help to round out the chorus to make this track feel complete.

Listen to “Pay Per View” below.