All Julius hopes for is requited love on the previously released “Ocean Blue.” All he receives are damaged heartstrings. His shiny possessions lose their worth once the intended recipient declares her ultimate disinterest, but the presence of a new friend makes his woes manageable.

Michael Christmas has kept quiet as he continues working on What a Weird Day… Fortunately, he sounds refreshed whenever he resurfaces from the studio. Here, on the official “Ocean Blue” remix, he recognizes his newfound vulnerability as a sought-after artist. Dreams of shared happiness succumb to him knowing that money is the driving force behind his partner’s loyalty.

He confides in himself over a spine-chilling crescendo of stacked, filtered vocals that channel the familiar theme song of Inception as well as maximalist Kanye works. While no material item can win whoever Julius is chasing, Christmas’ rising stock makes him untrusting of those in pursuit of him.

“Michael Christmas adds some dark humor, talking about those girls who expect to be bought and paid for in a relationship,” Julius told us. “His particular resigned-yet-hopeful take on this adds a whole different shade to the moodiness of ‘Ocean Blue.'”

Press play on the new-and-improved “Ocean Blue” below. Check out more material from Julius on his Soundcloud. Download the song for free here.