If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that many people have their own definition of exactly what a remix should be. To some, making a few simple tweaks or adding additional vocals is enough to consider a track a remix. To others, like Polish producer Klaves, remixing a song means completely transforming the song into something entirely new.

Klaves’ latest creation is an upbeat remix of British songstress Lucy Rose’s single “Like An Arrow.” The original song is a sweet folk song with the charm to appeal to a more pop-friendly audience. To a producer, a simplistic track like this turns out to be the perfect blank canvas.

The once relaxing single that felt like a necessary breath of fresh air, has become a new track with an entirely different perspective. Klaves’ remix adds an ample amount of groove and bounce to “Like An Arrow”—turning it into a track that makes fighting the urge to dance seem difficult. Lucy Rose and Klaves have varying definitions of what it means to fly like an arrow and yet, both interpretations feel equally freeing.

Listen to Klaves’ remix of “Like An Arrow” below.