Zapp’s “More Bounce To The Ounce” pulls me back to some apocryphal, cobbled together memory of summer each time I hear it. Bits of the first time I watched the film La Haine, first learning to drive and getting handed the keys to my father’s car (and, more importantly, his stereo system), walking around Morningside Heights in July while taking summer classes, and moving to Los Angeles’s never-ending sun cohere in my brain whenever I listen to “More Bounce.”

Midas Hutch’s “100%” doesn’t reinvent or even repurpose the talk-box laden funk of Zapp. “100%” treats this legacy like a cherished ancestor, much the same vision Dam-Funk has used to stake enjoyable, consistently well-groomed territory for himself. Nostalgia with focus and meaning, Midas Hutch’s approach leads “100%” to ring true and fly by, an all too short three minutes and eighteen seconds that revels in its spiritual succession to computer love. A great taste of the past transported for your summer playlists.